A Closer Look at Marijuana History

Marijuana smoking and growing has been done for centuries. Its influences on society take root long before the first car rolled down the street and the first aircraft was launched into the heavens.  The earliest classification of marajuana was made in 1753 by Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus. Little did he suspect the debate that would spur centuries later over this plant.

Pre-19th Century

Even before Linnaeus made his unique plant classifications, people were aware of marijuana effects. Emperor Shen Nung of China wrote about marijuana smoking as early as 2737 BC.  In his missives, the emperor noted the plants ability to alleviate the symptoms of many common health problems, such as malaria and gout. Other societies preferred marijuana for its recreational benefits. In India, this was very much the case. Even the Muslims preferred it as an alternative to alcohol, which was forbidden by the Koran. 

After 1900

Marijuana history can also be found in early America. The Spanish introduced the plant in 1545.  In 1611, marijuana crops were a major producer for the people of Jamestown. It was used for multiple purposes and rivaled tobacco production. Cotton later replaced hemp and medical marijuana products were being pushed away in favor of even stronger cocaine and opium alternatives.

The End of Free Marijuana Use

Move forward to the 1970s when the Controlled Substances Act made marijuana smoking illegal. It was labeled as highly addictive with no accepted medical use. While legal pressure was enough to convince some to quit smoking weed, others persisted. Throughout the following decades, marijuana abuse continued.

Many anti marijuana campaigns worked to bring an end to the issue. There has always been opposition to this movement, with activists providing marijuana facts and arguments in favor of legalization. Today, the ban remains however the argument continues. Marijuana news is constantly appearing online and through other media sources. The only thing for certain is that marijuana has been a part of human society for centuries. No matter how things change in the future, many cultures will continue to look to marijuana as a part of their history and traditions.