Anti Marijuana Parents: How to Handle the Debate

It is not uncommon to find parents who are anti marijuana. However, knowing how to handle this type of discussion can be difficult. It is also important to note here that these approaches are intended for adults. If you are looking for ways to counter anti marijuana parents, then consider these three responses to frequently used arguments against marajuana.

Argument #1: Marijuana is the “Gateway Drug”

Anyone with a marijuana history can tell you that this habit does not force or physically encourage you to take up other, harder drugs. This is a frequently used piece of misinformation in the marijuana smoking debate. A twelve year study performed by the University of Pittsburgh determined that this common misconception is in fact, not scientifically true. The study involved over 200 male subjects, and determined that those who followed the “gateway sequence” (alcohol, tobacco then marijuana) were actually less likely to develop substance abuse disorders.

It is important to state here that marijuana smoking does not mean the individual will never try harder drugs.  The point here is only that marijuana does not influence the choice to move on to more dangerous substances. In the end, it is up to the individual and other life factors and experiences.

Argument #2: Weed is Worse than Cigarettes

Marijuana smoking is much like cigarette smoking. Both habits are not good for your lungs for many of the same reasons. In fact, marijuana contains some of the same chemicals as cigarettes do. That being said, it will not put any more tar in your lungs than the average cigarette. On top of that, most marijuana smokers are actually less likely to suffer from cancer and other smoke-induced health conditions because they tend to practice marijuana smoking far less often than cigarette smokers.

Argument #3: Marijuana Smoking will Change your Personality

While it is true that a marijuana addict will suffer from life changes which could lead to depression and anxiety disorders, the average smoker does not suffer from any personality changes due to marijuana. Just like any bad habit, such as alcoholism, this behavior will influence your life in a negative way. However, for someone who is a casual smoker, just like a causal drinker, their personality will not change. The key is maintaining control and knowing when to quit should you begin to develop weed addiction.