Are you a Marijuana Addict?

You always hear about marijuana abuse however have you stopped to evaluate your habits? You could be falling into the category of marijuana addict. Before it is too late, determine if you need to begin marijuana addiction treatment.

Do you Need More?

While you may only feel marijuana effects for a short time, they can change your body in the long term. Do you notice you require more marajuana to obtain the same effects than you did when you started the habit? This is a sure sign your body is building up a tolerance which can lead to weed addiction.

An Easy Escape

When you first started, marijuana smoking was just a recreational activity done with friends or after a long work week. Today, however, you find yourself turning to the habit as a way to cope with problems. If this sounds like you, you may already be a marijuana addict, or very close to becoming one.

Altering your Schedule to Smoke

Do you find yourself choosing daily activities based on whether or not you can smoke marijuana? By allowing the habit to govern what you do, you are essentially handing your life over to it. This is a sure sign you should take steps to quit smoking weed.

Activity becomes Inactivity

You know the stoner stereotype, but have you noticed your life has started to resemble that stereotype? Do you find your once active lifestyle has slowed to primarily hanging out and getting high? If so, you are a marijuana addict.

Smoking has Ended Relationships

Have you lost friends or significant others due to your marijuana smoking? Rather than justify your decision (or theirs) in every instance, look at the fact that these relationships ended because of your marijuana smoking. Perhaps it is time to end your marijuana history and regain control of your life.

If any number of these items describes you, then you may already be a marijuana addict. There are ways you can go about overcoming the habit. Stay motivated and seek out the help of those who love and care for you. In time, you can get your life back and prevent further health problems caused by marajuana.