Growing Hydro Weed: A Look at the Basics

Hydro weed has become popular for many reasons. First, it tends to be more potent than soil grown alternatives. Plus, hydro weed produces a healthier, larger yield than soil grown marijuana does. This same principal can be applied to any type of hydroponic growing. However, the downside is hydro weed is far more demanding in terms of maintenance and investment.

 The Nutrient Film Technique

The Nutrient Film Technique is a popular approach to growing hydro weed. Basically, this idea requires a light proof plastic that is placed over shallow channels. A constant current of nutrient solution is passed through these channels. Inside, the hydro weed roots grow into mats. The plastic film covers the roots, offering nutrients for growth. While this sounds easy enough, the trick is keeping the nutrients coming constantly. Even a power outage that stops the flow of nutrients can cause the hydro weed to die.

Finding the Right Lamp

The right heat lamp is vital to the survival of hydro weed, or anything grown indoors. This will provide both light and warmth for the plants. There are two types that should be considered, the first is a high pressure sodium lamp. These utilize horizontal reflectors to offer more light to the plants. The other type of lamp is the metal halide lamp however these are not as efficient in terms of light per watt. A good rule of thumb is around one square meter of growing area can be accommodated with a single 600 watt high pressure sodium lamp.

Finding the Right Location

Where you grow hydro weed is very important, even if you plan to set up an indoor growing area. The right lamp will help provide light for hydro weed, but darkness is also important. Just like many other plants, marijuana requires periods of darkness as well as light. Make sure that the hydro weed growing area can be placed in total darkness during these ‘night’ periods. Also remember ventilation is important to avoid accumulation of humidity. Determine if a fan or other ventilation equipment is necessary to guarantee healthy hydro weed growth.