How to Choose an Amsterdam Coffee Shop

Just like bars and restaurants, Amsterdam coffee shops come in many varieties. You can pay a visit to a few to get a feel for what you prefer. Before you begin your excursion, take a look at a few aspects of the experience, even beyond marijuana smoking, to determine which coffee shop is going to be your best bet.

The Right Atmosphere

The coffee shop atmosphere will help determine what kind of clientele the venue sees. A very high class appearance can also indicate high prices on the menu. On the other hand, some Amsterdam coffeeshops offer a unique environment. Take a look at exotic Rokerij. This coffee shop presents silk cushions and Indian flavor which is heavily associated with marijuana smoking, minus the stereotypes.

The Right Price

It is considered a common courtesy to also purchase something from the menu at an Amsterdam coffee shop.  While these places are popular for marijuana smoking, it is still important to avoid a social faux pas. Make sure you have some idea about the menu pricing before you go in. You can still enjoy the Amsterdam coffee shop experience without breaking your travel budget. If you are not sure, try searching for the coffee shop you plan to visit on the internet. Even if a full menu is not available, you can find comments and ratings left by previous visitors that will shed some light on the price.

The Right Location

Find a coffee shop that is conveniently located to where you plan to live or stay. If traveling, this can help your budget significantly. Plus, some Amsterdam coffee shops offer outdoor seating, which might be viewed as a plus to some patrons. If the weather is permitting, you can light up while enjoying the fresh air and outdoor scenery. This is also an ideal choice if traveling with a friend who is not as into marijuana effects and plans to refrain from smoking. You can both enjoy Amsterdam coffee shops without avoiding marijuana smoking.

Information on individual Amsterdam coffee shops can be easily found on the internet. Also consider asking friends or family that lives in the area for their suggestions.  You can find the ideal coffee shop and get the most out of your visit to Amsterdam without any awkward social situations.