Hydro Weed versus Organic Weed: Understanding the Difference

Hydro weed and regular, organic marijuana are two different things. Although they are both the same in that they are marajuana that is where many of the similarities end. They are both used for the same purpose. However, hydro weed offers a new way to create a healthy, hearty plant with far more potency.

What is Hydro Weed?

Hydro weed is simply this: marijuana that has been grown hydroponically. Simply stated, marijuana, or any other plant for that matter, grown hydroponically does not use soil. Instead, a nutrient rich water solution is used. These plants still bud leaves and roots, but tend to require more care than traditional soil-grown organic marijuana.

Why Grow Hydro Weed?

If you wonder what the point is in applying so much time and effort to produce hydro weed, then take a look at the results. While this process requires more work, there is also more potential for reward. Hydro weed tends to be far more potent. Plus, hydroponically grown plants are known for being heartier and healthier, which produces a much larger yield from each crop. A hydroponically grown plant of the same age can be as much as two or three times larger than a soil-grown specimen.

The Comparison

Overall, the main difference between hydro weed and organic marijuana is the actual growing process. While hydro weed is far more demanding, with a more maintenance required as well as potential for issues to arise, it also offers a far larger crop. Organic, soil-grown marijuana on the other hand is easier to maintain but will require a larger number of plants to produce the same quantity of marijuana.

This comparison is the same for just about any kind of plant you could possibly want to grow. Even edible fruits and vegetables can be produced this way. Before you attempt to grow hydro weed, make sure you have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to get started. You can produce a high volume return on your time and money investment if you are prepared to do all the prep work hydro weed requires.