Quit Smoking Weed: Helpful Tips to Get Started

All legal issues aside, marijuana smoking can have serious effects on your health. Long term smoking will eventually cause breathing issues and even cancer. The same symptoms and health risks posed to tobacco smoking is also applied to marijuana smoking. Before you turn to marijuana addiction treatment from a professional, find out how you can quit smoking weed on your own.

Find Motivation

Motivation is important to maintain throughout your home marijuana addiction treatment. The internet is a great place to start. Look up “marijuana addict” and see what comes up. Learn about how it has affected the lives of others. After that, take a look at other negative things marijuana smoking can do. Find out the legal implications of being caught with this illegal substance. Also consider how much smoking has cost you in the last month, year or longer.

Put your Marijuana History on Paper

Next, it is time to revisit your marijuana history. Grab a pen or pencil and a notebook. This will be your personal treatment journal. Write down all the ways marijuana smoking has influenced your life. Make sure you are honest and thorough. This step can be difficult but by avoiding it or altering the truth, you are only lying to yourself. No one else must see your notes, so be completely upfront and honest.

Review your journal and see how this habit has played havoc on your life. What relationships were ended, money wasted, or opportunities were lost due to the need to continue marijuana smoking? Take your time on this step. For some smokers this step is very difficult to face.

Make a Commitment to Quit Smoking Weed

Make a commitment to yourself and those who care about you to quit smoking weed right away. Write down all the reasons you want to stop marijuana smoking in your journal. Turn to this vital tool every time you have the urge to go back to marijuana as a reminder. If you can stay motivated, you can end your marijuana history and lead a happier, healthier life.