What is Marijuana Abuse?

weed joint refuseEveryone’s definition of marijuana abuse is different. For some who have never attempted marijuana smoking, it is simply the act of doing it. While in some countries this practice is illegal, in health terms, marijuana smoking does not immediately make you an addict. If you notice marajuana has impacted your life heavily, then you might be at risk for marijuana abuse. Before you dismiss the idea of marijuana addiction treatment, consider the following.

A Friend is only a Friend if they Smoke

No drug or habit should ever determine who you can spend time with. A marijuana addict will notice their old circle of friends thinning out. In most cases, the relationships that end are with those people who wish for the marijuana smoking to stop or who have expressed concern about changes in the individual’s lifestyle due to the habit. If you can think of a few friendships that have ended due to weed addiction, then marijuana abuse may be a serious problem in your life that needs to be addressed.

I Only Go Where I can Smoke

If you are invited to go somewhere and the first thing you consider is whether or not you can light up, then realize you might have an addiction problem. No habit should determine where you go. It is one thing to choose to avoid a gathering or event due to personal choice or other reasons. However, if you are saying no because marijuana smoking is not permitted, it is time to reevaluate your priorities.

I just Don’t Feel Like it Anymore

Everyone has dreams they want to follow and hobbies they enjoy. However, do you notice these have started to fade a bit from your life ever since you took up marijuana smoking? You may be a marijuana addict without realizing it. One common habit change that often accompanies marijuana abuse is a lack of energy and motivation to do things you used to or want to do. This can lead to depression and low self esteem. Before you give up on your hope for the future, start taking steps to stop marijuana smoking for good.